Management Consulting

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Management and Strategy Consulting

As a complement to our core legal services, we are pleased to introduce Livingstons Legal’s management and strategy consulting practice. Lead by Alexander Pulte (JD, MBA), an experienced and highly-qualified strategy consultant and lawyer, our consulting services bring the benefit of our years of business experience, our external objectivity and our analytical abilities to our clients in order to solve complex business problems.

A rapidly changing legal environment often presents challenges to businesses that go far beyond complying with applicable government laws and regulations. An international company might consult a law firm on what business practices are permitted under Myanmar law and a Myanmar company might have similar questions about international law, but knowing that certain business practices are permitted does not answer the question of whether they are desirable.

With our focus on enabling international clients to excel in their Myanmar operations, Livingstons Legal specializes in offering broad consulting services that goes far beyond the purely legal advice offered by other firms. Team members with experience in international management and strategy consulting projects are available to examine existing operations or future plans in detail and compile recommendations that are aimed to maximize business efficiency and profitability given the specific legal and cultural environment of Myanmar. Similarly, we are able to assist Myanmar business and entrepreneurs in introducing international best practices into their businesses, developing beneficial international operations, preparing for and establishing joint-ventures and preparing for and obtaining external finance for their operations.

Business leaders are sometimes reluctant to talk to lawyers about business challenges since lawyers are often seen as holding back decisions by seeing potential problems where managers see opportunities. At Livingstons Legal, we pride ourselves on providing sound advice that is cognizant of economic realities and strategic advice that blends potential downsides and upsides to suit the individual risk profile of a particular business. Our management and strategy consulting services are therefore a natural extension of, and complement to, our commercial, practical and results-oriented focus.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your business goals and needs and how our consulting services can help you to design solutions for efficiency and growth.